Dr Fretta has made me look 10 years younger! I am so proud with what he has done for me. I had PRP on my neck and face as well as juvederm. I had a neck lift that is amazing ! I was always self concious of my neck , now I show it off ! He is a great and such a patient pleasant man , I had a great experience.

Gladys Thompson

Dr Fretta is a wonderful doctor. I have been to him a few times already and each time is a very pleasant and happy experience. He has done Botox for me as well as juvederm with great results ! I highly recommend Dr Fretta.

Lisa Mannarino

Doctor Fretta performed a miracle for me. Everyday I would be in such pain from my migraines. I couldn’t go to school or work, I would even drive at night with sunglasses on because other car lights made my migraine worse. I went to a doctor before Doctor Fretta, who prescribed me medication that made me dizzy and not able to operate a vehicle. When I found an alternative such as Botox ! It changed my life ! I have not got a headache in months and I have never been happier !:)

Name Withheld

Dr. Fretta is a really fine doctor who is not just fine but personable. There are so many doctors out there but most don’t care about their patients. This doctor is different he cares about his patients and really go out of his way to make them comfortable. Also, his fees are reasonable and fair.

As an immigrant and black its really hard trusting people and even harder living in the US. With Dr. Fretta and his team it makes it easier especially I am extremely sensitive and can’t stand anyone touching or getting close to me. I remember the first time I went to his office, I was reserved and kind of scared but then I heard the other clients saying how comfortable they feel with him and how funny he is and that eased my fears a little then I soon found out that they were right although he does not look the part.

I make very little money but I needed a lot of work done. He looked at my situation, asked me various questions and after checking informed me that my insurance would not cover the cost. Based on my problem we could both pretended that it was painful which could save me a lot of money but he is a man of integrity and so am I so I paid for all the work he did but he did give me some discounts. I know the work I needed costs a lot but he is a doctor with a heart of gold and I am very happy that I went to see him that day because he has changed the way I see myself and his workers are so professional and sweet. Well he can say he found the right assistants because they are quite a team, they work together like a family and they treat you like family. Oh and he’s drop dead gorgeous “sorry I had to say it”

The world need more doctors like this man, caring, loving, passionate, funny and kind. Everyone needs money but it does not have to define us.


Angeline Raymond

My name is Carlos Castro, I am a patient of Dr. Joseph Fretta. I am writing this email as a testimonial. I recently had the procedure know as :Endolaser Ablation for Varicose Veins, to treat my Restless Leg Syndrome. Kudos to Dr. Joseph Fretta and his team of professionals. I can attest that all my Restless Leg symptoms have completely disappeared. I can walk without feeling that heavy feeling on my leg. After so many years I am now able to get a good night sleep. I no longer have to toss and turn trying to find a comfortable position for my leg. My quality of life has improved 100%. I recommend Dr Joseph Fretta to my family and friends.

Carlos Castro

Not only does Dr Fretta do vein care but he has been doing pain management for me for the last 3 years. I have pain 24/7! Dr Fretta is familiar with the latest techniques for pain management. I have been doing platelet rich plasma therapy with Dr Fretta, a procedure where your own blood is drawn from your body and the blood is spun and the powerful healing platelets are injected into the joints or discs where you have pain!

I had my knees, shoulder and herniated discs injecteded using this procedure and its the best thing out there for pain! Most athletes have been doing this procedure for their injuries. I had a herniated disc in my spine and had terrible pain but after this procedure it has reduced my pain 70 – 80%. My knees have bone on bone and very little cartilage left and this procedure has given me much greater mobility, enough to be able to dance at my wedding!

I highly recommend Dr Fretta and the PRP plasma therapy! I forgot to mention Dr Fretta is virtually painless with a needle! He is the best for injections and I’ve had knee injections for years to help my pain. I’ve had doctors whoe wanted to give me general anesthesia for an epidural and warned me I would be screaming if I didn’t get anesthesia! Dr Fretta gave me the same injection in his office with no anesthesia and it didn’t hurt a bit!!!

So if you have pain and don’t want to get surgery Dr Fretta can help, and they don’t overbook and make you sit in the waiting room for hours! Very short wait time!

Anthony Pontrelli