Safe Plasma Injections in Monmouth County, NJ

If you think your face could benefit from a natural, refreshed look, you owe it to yourself to check out the option of plasma injections. Monmouth County, NJ and Eatontown, NJ have multiple doctors who offer a variety of services to soften wrinkles, reduce the appearance of lines, and brighten your face, but Dr. Fretta’s Total Vein Care believes plasma injections (or PRP) are one of the best choices for clients looking for a treatment with multiple benefits.

When you’re struggling with saggy skin, sunken eyes, and wrinkles, it is ideal to find a solution that will effectively treat all of these aspects at once without numerous procedures. This treatment uses your own blood to regenerate and stimulate your skin, and works to improve the appearance of your whole face all at once rather than select spots like other fillers and injections. The treatment takes about 15 minutes with minimal pain, and there is no subsequent recovery time. Patients may notice redness and swelling immediately after the procedure, but results will continue to improve over time.

When it comes to a procedure like plasma injections, Monmouth County, NJ patients look to Dr. Fretta’s Total Vein Care for quality results and optimal care before, during, and after treatments. In fact, Dr. Fretta was the first doctor in the state of New Jersey to perform facial rejuvenation and is the name you should trust when it comes to your cosmetic surgery needs. Give us a call today to get more information about the process and set up your consultation.