New Injectable Treatments For Pain

To all my patients with back pain, neck and shoulder pain, torn rotator cuffs+ knee joint pain whether it is from a torn meniscus, ligament or degenerative arthritis.

My program of injectable treatments will resolve most issues.

First X-Rays and or MRl’s Must be taken to see what the cause of the pain is. If it is an inflammatory issue an injection of a steroid called Depro-Medrol and an anesthetic Lidocaine may be enough to treat the problem. If is tis damaged tissue like a torn rotator cuff in the shoulder, neck pain, low back pain or degenerative arthritis.

In the knee an injection of Exosomes in the damaged area will stimulate healing This is not covered by insurance+ the cost is $550. An added medication Wharton’s gel might have to be added for knee injections for an additional $300.
If the damage is severe stem cells must be injected to stimulate healing of the damaged cartilage, ligament or deteriorated bone the cost is $2500. Once the knee joint is healed 1 month later a series of Hyaluronic Filler is injected in 3 weekly visits. This is covered by Medicare AARP and most insurance PPO plans.

Intra Venous Stem Cells are now being touted as the fountain of youth and life extension. I am 72yrs old, still working 65 hours’ weekly and going to the gym 5X weekly. I healed my torn shoulder rotator cuffs+ damaged knees with stem cells injections and became a believer in its effectiveness years ago.

Now I am starting a program of injecting myself with intravenous stem cells to document how effective it is for generalizes age related joint pain and fatigue.
The goal is to extend one’s life by 15 years and keep everyone’s energy stamina youth fullness to enjoy a long vibrant life