Hair Restoration Eatontown NJ

In order for your hair to grow, you need a healthy scalp. In fact, many hair loss issues are ultimately caused by poor scalp conditions, which impede the follicles and make regular growth impossible. The good news for our clients is that these scalp issues can often be resolved—and at Dr. Joseph Fretta, MD of Eatontown and West Orange, we have a range of proven solutions.

These solutions are rooted in our study of trichology—the field of dermatology that focuses on the scalp and the follicles. Our stylists have ample knowledge of this field, and in fact we are committed to ongoing trichological education. This allows us to consult with our clients on all their hair loss needs, helping them to identify what’s causing their shedding but also how best to address it.

To that end, we provide a full spectrum of trichology and scalp treatments—clinically-formulated products that restore the scalp to its proper function. These products are not one-size-fits-all, and one of our great delights is getting to know clients and showing them which trichology and scalp treatments best fit their needs. We are especially excited to tell you about Head First, an acclaimed line-up of trichology solutions.

Hair Restoration Eatontown NJ

Hair Restoration Eatontown NJ

PRP Treatment

“PRP” stands for platelet-rich plasma for hair loss in in either our Eatontown or West Orange locations – a component of your own blood with a higher concentration of platelets. Typically, PRP contains 3 to 8 times the concentration of platelets in normal blood. Platelets play a critical role in healing by releasing growth factors, which influence tissue repair in different types of cells. When used PRP for hair restoration in either our Eatontown or West Orange locations, the growth factors released by the platelets stimulate hair follicle growth.

Hair Restoration Eatontown Machine NJ

Hair Restoration Eatontown Machine NJ

LaseMD Treatment

LaseMD is a non-ablative laser used for Anti Aging and Hair Growth. Lase MD Ultra reverses Hair Loss when coupled with PRP Plasma and KeraFactor. This process can stimulate Hair Restoration and Growth. The Lase MD Laser promotes the rebuilding of healthy skin and scalp through gentle but effective non-ablative fractionated laser treatments.

Dramatically different from traditional resurfacing lasers, LaseMDrebuilds the skin through treatments.  Lase MD offers solutions for  Fine Wrinkles, Scar Reduction and Skin Brightening.

This unique technology also offers a revolutionary treatment for Hair Loss to promote and rebuild a healthy scalp utilizing a STATE -OF-THE-ART TECHNOLOGY for Hair Growth and  Hair Rejuvenation. Kera Factor is used with Lase MD Ultra to offer Scalp Revitalization and Improved Hair Quality.


Dr Joseph Fretta MD

Dr. Joseph Fretta, MD is an internal medicine practitioner specializing in vein treatments and aesthetic procedures. He has offices in Eatontown, and West Orange, NJ. Dr. Fretta, has been practicing for over 36 years, and successfully treated over 36,000 patients for varicose veins since 1989. Dr. Fretta has long been the area’s trusted vein treatment doctor, and one of the first 14 doctors to do Evla Endovenous Laser Ablation.

Dr. Fretta’s Total Vein and Rejuvenation Center is considered one of the best vein treatment facilities in the country. Dr. Fretta treats patients who suffer from large varicose veins to the smallest spider veins on the body and face. He is a specialist in vein treatment, facial cosmetic surgery, and body contouring. Procedures he offers include; Smart Laser Lipo Suction, Body Contouring, Face Rejuvenation using Botox & Fillers, Laser Wrinkle Removal, PRP (Platelet-rich Plasma), Sclerotherapy, and Ambulatory Phlebectomy (micro vein surgery).