Eatontown, NJ Patients Recommend Our Smart Lipo

If you’ve considered liposuction to lose weight but don’t want baggy skin and bruising afterward, you need to look into Smart Lipo. Eatontown, NJ patients know Dr. Fretta’s Total Vein Care has high quality options, and this is no exception. Our staff strives to give you the best possible outcome, and we believe Smart Lipo gives our patients that desired result.

Smart Lipo is an improvement from basic liposuction because it not only removes fat, but cauterizes blood vessels, which has the dual effect of decreasing bruising and tightening skin all at once without any additional surgeries, injections, or treatments. This allows our patients to enjoy their results and return to their daily routine the very next day and resume exercise and physical activity within two days. If you elect to receive facial Smart Lipo, there is no need for procedures like Botox, face lifts, or fillers. The incisions are incredibly small in size, and create no permanent scars.

Dr. Fretta and his staff are determined to help you feel beautiful and healthy in your own skin with as little pain and recovery time as possible. That’s why we recommend Smart Lipo. Eatontown, NJ residents rely on Dr. Fretta’s Total Vein Care for up-to-date services and results, and we know this is a procedure you will be able to rely on. Find out more about this procedure by giving us a call to schedule an appointment and free consultation. This is a decision that could change your life, so don’t wait.