Effective Covid Treatment

The name C O V I D has been striking fear into millions of people globally for two years. The world has turned itself upside down and essentially stopped living due to fear.

Yes, it is a genuine concern. Unfortunately, the media and the governments have fostered this fear without giving their citizens the complete picture. Why? You would have to ask them.

The problem with Covid is not the virus itself. It is the body’s auto immune response called the cytokine storm. If the patient has a strong defense system, it overreacts to the virus, and this causes a strong inflammatory response. This can cause something called Red Blood Cell packing or stacking.

If the blood flow to the brain, lung or heart is decreased, this causes cell death of these organs.

  • Death to brain cells can cause early senility.
  • Death to heart cells will lead to long term health issues.
  • People who had a history of mild to moderate arthritic discomfort developed severe arthritic manifestations.
  • Decrease of Brain Mass due to damage to cerebral circulation due to Covid Inflammation packing and stacking of red blood cells in the cerebral arterial vasculature

The controversial vaccine can cause the same side effects as Covid itself.

Most doctors are following the recommended protocol from the CDC, FDA, and similar agencies. They have focused their attention on vaccines rather than preventative treatment and treatment once infected, all readily available, which has had enormous success. Not all doctors are willing to think out of the box of “protocol.” There are lawsuits nationwide of loved ones trying to get their family members these treatments as they fade away in hospitals using “protocol.” Many doctors refuse to offer repurposed medications, invented for one purpose but extremely successful in treating unrelated symptoms and illnesses.

Those that do are giving relief to patients and saving lives.

Early treatment when symptoms first begin is essential.

Dr Fretta has practiced Internal Medicine in private practice since July 1983 and has been affiliated with St. Barnabas Medical Center since 1980.

When HIV + Hepatitis C erupted in 1982, he had the privilege to treat these patients with Dr. Leon Smith who was the director of Infectious Disease at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center at the time.

Fast forward to January 2020, the start of the pandemic. Dr. Fretta began treating any patients who presented with the symptoms of headaches, dry cough, loss of sense and taste in addition to low grade fever immediately. Key word…immediately. Hospitals were sending people back home with these symptoms, untreated, and told to come back when they could no longer breathe.

Treatments began within the first day to 3 days of onset. HIs protocol was Z-pack + Zinc + Hydroxychloroquine. Patients got antibody tests afterwards when they could be scheduled. All 78 out of 78 patients that he treated early were cured. He later made sure these patients received antibody tests, which documented that they did have Covid.

Not everyone thought to reach out to him immediately. People called with symptoms that they had for 7 to 10 days; their primary care doctors were offering no help. Dr Fretta treated these 13 patients with Ivermectin 15 mg daily for 6 to 10 days. Every patient was better within 5 to 10 days of treatments. Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc + Z-pack when used early is highly effective. Those who could not take the Z- pack could have been treated with Levoquine, Hydroxychloroquine +Zinc. The 13 patients who called with Covid symptoms 7 to 10 days after onset were treated with Ivermectin + all have resolved their symptoms.

The Department of Epidemiology at Hackensack Medical Center posted a report 6 months ago that if the adult US population had been treated with this regiment of Z-pack + Zinc and Hydroxychloroquine during the first 2 weeks of January 2020 we would have stopped this epidemic.

Provodine Iodine is a nasal antiseptic sanitizing fluid designed to help reduce viral infections and to decontaminate the nasal cavity. This is a wonderful alternative when social distancing was not effective or possible. It provides an additional layer of tested protection for up to 4 hours and can help reduce virus transmission.

Developed prior to the epidemic in September 2020, if a patient sprays their nostrils and throat, they have a very effective defense against Flu within 15 seconds lasting for 4 hours. The two doctors who developed this spray later tested this product on Covid specimens with the same results. The active ingredient, Povidone Iodine has been used for 50 years on patients who were to have sinus surgery, sinus scoping or any nasal surgery. It prevents virus or bacteria from entering the body, thus nasal passages on the throat.

Tired of Fake News? Not sure what to believe? Here is living proof.

Dr. Fretta is 70 years old and sees 200 patients weekly. Neither he nor his staff have ever contracted Covid. The sprays are highly effective. The 400 plus patients of mine and their family members who use these Povidone Iodine sprays also never contracted Covid.


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Smart Lipo for body contouring, and fat reduction

Dr. Fretta offers a number of treatments for weight loss, and body contouring. His Smart Lipo procedures offer effective results with minimal down time for body sculpting, skin tightening of the body or face, and fat reduction.

What is Smart Lipo

SmartLIPO is a type of laser liposuction whereby a laser fiber is used to help melt away fat, making it easier to suction the fat away and providing smoother looking skin. The gentle heat of the laser offers the added benefit of tightened skin. SmartLIPO can be used on any area of the body including very small areas such as knees, ankles, armpit fat and under the chin.

Does SmartLipo help with weight loss?

SmartLipo is not a procedure for weight loss. Instead, it is meant for spot reduction and contouring.

Does the procedure hurt?

The process is painless, since patients are given anesthesia before the surgery. Some patients report very mild aches after the procedure; these may feel similar to post-workout soreness.

What Results can be Expected

SmartLIPO laser liposuction destroys and removes fat cells, leaving you with fewer fat cells in the treated areas. Those fat cells will be prone to becoming filled with more fat if you continue to gain excessive weight. It is recommended to start a fitness and healthy eating routine after the procedure.

How many treatments are needed?

SmartLIPO laser liposuction, results are achieved in one procedure. This eliminates repeat procedures (as can happen with traditional liposuction- or Coolsculpting), resulting in a beautifully sculpted body the very first time.

How long is Recovery?

There is minimal down time with smartLIPO . Depending on the extent of sculpting it is typically very brief. Most patients can return to their normal routine in about two days.

Am I a good candidate for SmartLipo?

Almost everyone is a candidate when it comes to Smart Lipo . We recommend a consultation and reviewing the items below for more information:

If you have trouble areas such as love handles, chin waddle, muffin tops, bat wings, and saddle bags.

Smart Lipo is for you and  can treat these areas to near perfection using this unique technique.


If you want to avoid being left with loose skin after the procedure. SmartLipo, gently heats the fat cells and triggers the collagen in the skin to contract, producing tighter, smoother skin, not loose skin.


If you are concerned with Saftey.  This procedure is done under local anesthetic by Dr Joseph Fretta, with no risks associated with using general anesthesia.  Additionally, it seals blood vessels as it destroys the fat cells, leaving you with very little blood loss and minimal bruising. Dr Fretta performs  SmartLipo procedures in his West Orange Treatment Center and has over 20 years experience of successful treatments.

Safe Plasma Injections in Monmouth County, NJ

If you think your face could benefit from a natural, refreshed look, you owe it to yourself to check out the option of plasma injections. Monmouth County, NJ and Eatontown, NJ have multiple doctors who offer a variety of services to soften wrinkles, reduce the appearance of lines, and brighten your face, but Dr. Fretta’s Total Vein Care believes plasma injections (or PRP) are one of the best choices for clients looking for a treatment with multiple benefits.

When you’re struggling with saggy skin, sunken eyes, and wrinkles, it is ideal to find a solution that will effectively treat all of these aspects at once without numerous procedures. This treatment uses your own blood to regenerate and stimulate your skin, and works to improve the appearance of your whole face all at once rather than select spots like other fillers and injections. The treatment takes about 15 minutes with minimal pain, and there is no subsequent recovery time. Patients may notice redness and swelling immediately after the procedure, but results will continue to improve over time.

When it comes to a procedure like plasma injections, Monmouth County, NJ patients look to Dr. Fretta’s Total Vein Care for quality results and optimal care before, during, and after treatments. In fact, Dr. Fretta was the first doctor in the state of New Jersey to perform facial rejuvenation and is the name you should trust when it comes to your cosmetic surgery needs. Give us a call today to get more information about the process and set up your consultation.

Eatontown, NJ Patients Recommend Our Smart Lipo

If you’ve considered liposuction to lose weight but don’t want baggy skin and bruising afterward, you need to look into Smart Lipo. Eatontown, NJ patients know Dr. Fretta’s Total Vein Care has high quality options, and this is no exception. Our staff strives to give you the best possible outcome, and we believe Smart Lipo gives our patients that desired result.

Smart Lipo is an improvement from basic liposuction because it not only removes fat, but cauterizes blood vessels, which has the dual effect of decreasing bruising and tightening skin all at once without any additional surgeries, injections, or treatments. This allows our patients to enjoy their results and return to their daily routine the very next day and resume exercise and physical activity within two days. If you elect to receive facial Smart Lipo, there is no need for procedures like Botox, face lifts, or fillers. The incisions are incredibly small in size, and create no permanent scars.

Dr. Fretta and his staff are determined to help you feel beautiful and healthy in your own skin with as little pain and recovery time as possible. That’s why we recommend Smart Lipo. Eatontown, NJ residents rely on Dr. Fretta’s Total Vein Care for up-to-date services and results, and we know this is a procedure you will be able to rely on. Find out more about this procedure by giving us a call to schedule an appointment and free consultation. This is a decision that could change your life, so don’t wait.

Botox in Monmouth County, NJ With Results You’ll Love

These days, more and more people are considering getting Botox. Monmouth County, NJ residents have trusted Dr. Fretta’s Total Vein Care for more than 30 years with their cosmetic surgery needs, and that’s because our staff is dedicated to making sure our patients feel comfortable and confident about their procedure by providing them with the information they need to choose the service that is right for them. If you want a minimally invasive treatment to help you feel rejuvenated and improve the overall look of your face, this is definitely an option to consider.

Essentially, Botox is a non-surgical injection that relaxes muscles and works to decrease the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Most patients see results within a week, and the effects should last approximately four to six months. Pain during the injection and following the procedure is minimal with no extended recovery period afterward. This treatment is safe and efficient, and Dr. Fretta takes pride in making sure his injectables compliment your face without looking fake or unnatural. Our staff treats all of our patients like family, and we always follow up after your treatment to make sure you are satisfied with your results.

Dr. Fretta’s Total Vein Care is the place to go when you are looking for a cosmetic procedure like Botox. Monmouth County, NJ patients as well as Eatontown and West Orange patients have all witnessed the transformative work of Dr. Fretta, and now it’s your turn. Give us a call today and schedule your free consultation.

Spider Vein Removal Monmouth County, NJ Residents Depend On

As we get older, our bodies and appearances can change in ways that we don’t necessarily like. That’s why many of our patients at Dr. Fretta’s Total Vein Care are electing for spider vein removal. Monmouth County, NJ residents come to us because they know we have more than 30 years of experience removing varicose veins, and when it comes to medical procedures, you want a team with skill and experience.

We provide our patients with an in-office procedure option called sclerotherapy, which is a common form of treatment for spider veins. Using small needles, we inject a solution called sclerosant into your veins, which makes the veins shrink and visually disappear. This procedure has the added benefit of improving both the cosmetic appearance and associated symptoms of spider veins. While this treatment is highly effective, you may need more than one session to receive maximum results.

The treatment is expected to take five to 30 minutes, which varies based on how many spider veins are injected. Patients should know that this procedure can be painful and the injection site can burn or cramp for a few minutes. Our staff is trained to make sure our patients feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible during and after their procedures, so you can trust that you will be in good hands throughout your entire experience with us.

If you’re contemplating spider vein removal, Monmouth County, NJ patients and Eatontown patients want you to know they depend on Dr. Fretta’s Total Vein Care for quality treatment and results. Call us today, and find out more about how we can help you with varicose vein removal.