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New Injectable Treatments For Pain

To all my patients with back pain, neck and shoulder pain, torn rotator cuffs+ knee joint pain whether it is from a torn meniscus, ligament or degenerative arthritis. My program of injectable treatments will resolve most issues. First X-Rays and or MRl’s Must be taken to see what the cause of the pain is. If […]

Effective Covid Treatment

The name C O V I D has been striking fear into millions of people globally for two years. The world has turned itself upside down and essentially stopped living due to fear. Yes, it is a genuine concern. Unfortunately, the media and the governments have fostered this fear without giving their citizens the complete […]

Smart Lipo for body contouring, and fat reduction

Dr. Fretta offers a number of treatments for weight loss, and body contouring. His Smart Lipo procedures offer effective results with minimal down time for body sculpting, skin tightening of the body or face, and fat reduction. What is Smart Lipo SmartLIPO is a type of laser liposuction whereby a laser fiber is used to […]

Safe Plasma Injections in Monmouth County, NJ

If you think your face could benefit from a natural, refreshed look, you owe it to yourself to check out the option of plasma injections. Monmouth County, NJ and Eatontown, NJ have multiple doctors who offer a variety of services to soften wrinkles, reduce the appearance of lines, and brighten your face, but Dr. Fretta’s […]

Eatontown, NJ Patients Recommend Our Smart Lipo

If you’ve considered liposuction to lose weight but don’t want baggy skin and bruising afterward, you need to look into Smart Lipo. Eatontown, NJ patients know Dr. Fretta’s Total Vein Care has high quality options, and this is no exception. Our staff strives to give you the best possible outcome, and we believe Smart Lipo […]

Botox in Monmouth County, NJ With Results You’ll Love

These days, more and more people are considering getting Botox. Monmouth County, NJ residents have trusted Dr. Fretta’s Total Vein Care for more than 30 years with their cosmetic surgery needs, and that’s because our staff is dedicated to making sure our patients feel comfortable and confident about their procedure by providing them with the […]

Spider Vein Removal Monmouth County, NJ Residents Depend On

As we get older, our bodies and appearances can change in ways that we don’t necessarily like. That’s why many of our patients at Dr. Fretta’s Total Vein Care are electing for spider vein removal. Monmouth County, NJ residents come to us because they know we have more than 30 years of experience removing varicose […]